Mary Beth Ciccone

History Department Head & Life Skills Lead

Mary Beth helped get Fusion Morristown off the ground in early 2014, when the campus debuted as the first iteration in New Jersey of a highly successful teaching paradigm introduced in California 20 years prior.

Teaching full time at the secondary level for 11 years now, she is well acquainted with the requirement for positive energy in the classroom and strives to provide a comfortable working environment for students to thrive.

Holding a B. A. in History from Georgetown and an M. A. in European History from Seton Hall, she serves as Department Head of History and provides ongoing leadership to the Life Skills program.

With a 20 year career in Sales Management underpinning her skill set, Mary Beth is guiding our new program in Business Entrepreneurship and is teaching a selection of courses including Latin, Government, U. S. History 2, and Social Media Entrepreneurship.

MB is a word maven and a messenger of the spirit, these inclinations serve her well in her test prep offerings: seeking to allay fears of standardized testing by looking for the narrative and playing with the punctuation.

Mary Beth likes to have fun in and out of the classroom. Travel, music, people, poetry…..these are her loves.

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