Alexandria Bow

Science Teacher


Alexandria “Ali” Bow graduated from Saint Mary’s College in 2015 with her Bachelor’s of Science in Cell/Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with her Master’s of Science in Global Health soon after. Her education and research experiences helped her to discover her passions for microbiology, public health, and helping those in need. As a scientist in the field of global health, she believes in health as a fundamental human right and the just distribution of knowledge, medicine, and anything else that promotes basic health for all.


Her fascination with microbiology connected with her desire to help people when she began her antibiotic resistance research at Saint Mary’s College. She continued this work through her Master’s thesis, during which time she traveled to Ecuador to work in a hospital clinic to collect data related to antibiotic resistance and the people whom it affected. She hopes to work on this issue and ones similar throughout her career by one day working in health policy or non-profits focused on alleviating the burden of major global health concerns, such as access to clean water, nutrition, and preventable disease. As for the beginning of her career as a young scientist, she hopes to share her knowledge and love of biology and other sciences with children and young adults by teaching at Fusion Academy, and she hopes to learn a lot from her students, as well.


When Ali isn’t working, she is almost certainly spending time with her beloved cat Gingerbread. She loves to cozy up with Ginger to watch Food Network and scary movies. She also enjoys doing yoga, biking, spending time outdoors in general, reading a good book, and cooking (but not baking because baking is hard). She is a scientist by education and trade, but more importantly is a lover of life and everything it has to offer.​

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