Benjamin Moss


Benjamin Moss is a History and English instructor/mentor—and above all, he teaches critical thinking skills to students by teaching the philosophical underpinnings of both History and English.

He graduated from U.C. Davis with a bachelor degree in Philosophy, with a minor in Psychology. Soon after Davis, he finished his master’s degree in Philosophy (concentration in Moral Psychology) from San Francisco State University. After San Francisco State, he received a prestigious graduate assistantship to pursue a fully-funded master’s degree in Philosophy (concentration in Philosophy of Mind) at SUNY at Albany.

At San Francisco state, he was a teacher’s assistant for an introductory philosophy course. He graded and lectured, held office hours to support students in mastering material, developed and implemented interesting and interactive learning mediums to increase student understanding of course materials.

At SUNY at Albany, Ben worked as a graduate teacher’s assistant. He was a teacher’s assistant for three introductory philosophy courses, which involved developing interesting course plans to meet academic, intellectual and social needs of students. He spent time counseling students, grading papers, and lecturing.

When he is not teaching at Fusion, Ben loves traveling, going hiking, debating about philosophy and politics, and especially playing video games. He loves traveling any chance he can get. He’s been to Thailand, Cambodia, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and has moved around the United States a dozen times between the West and East coast.

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