Sarah “Seattle” Aguilar


Sarah Aguilar, nick-named “Seattle” by a Fusion student, first began teaching in 2001 when she began privately teaching math to a homeschool student with severe learning differences and ADD. After that student finished several math courses in one year, it became clear Seattle loved teaching, and was good at it. Since that first student Seattle has been teaching non-stop as much as she can and in as many subjects and areas as possible.

In 2008 Seattle earned her B.A. in Mathematics with a minor in Education from the University of California Berkeley. After graduation she tried several other careers, but found that teaching was the most intellectually stimulating, challenging and had the greatest potential for personal growth and development. After college, Seattle took as many teaching jobs as possible, often working two, three, or even four jobs at one time, because each job offered her different ways of developing herself as an educator and opportunities to learn to teach different things. Now home at Fusion, she teaches all areas of math, middle school science, and English. She hopes to eventually teach more subjects as time goes by.

As a teacher, Seattle is addicted to learning; she loves learning new things, especially from her students. She values, respects, and appreciates her students and their individual experiences, knowledge, and learning styles. Due to this philosophy, Seattle has always had high success working with students who are often labeled with learning differences/learning disorders. She views learning differences as awesome superpowers that are, sadly, often oppressed in our society, but greatly valued in many places in the adult world.  She believes learning differences can be developed/adapted back to powerful skills that function in the professional world with enough emotional, psychological, academic, and social support.

Outside of Fusion Seattle has many hobbies. She enjoys various forms of art (drawing, painting, coloring, mosaics and pysanky), music (she plays trumpet, recorder, piano, guitar, and harp), reading, staying in shape/exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

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