Rachel Schomer


Rachel guides and mentors primarily high school students in English and History. Rachel earned a bachelor’s degree in literary studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.  She also earned a teacher accreditation alongside her literary program for grades 8-12 in English.  Throughout college, Rachel worked as a tutor for the AVID program in Dallas, TX working at multiple campuses running tutorials for students for middle and high school students.  Upon graduating, she moved to South Korea and taught English to kindergartners and early elementary students.  When she came stateside again, she ended up in her hometown of Mesquite, working at Vanston Middle School for 4 years as an on level and Pre-AP English teacher.

Rachel enjoys writing novels and playing the Pathfinder RPG that conveniently her husband runs for her group of friends. When she needs to get up and move, she’s an avid tennis player, and loves waiting for the cooler weather to hit the courts. She also loves to travel and is determined to set foot on every continent. (She has 3 to go)

Rachel is a verified nerd/geek and proudly donned her Ravenclaw shirt for the surprise excursion her husband had added onto their honeymoon; a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour outside of London.  She has a mind full of random movie trivia and sadly because of this, she is no longer allowed to play trivial pursuit movie edition unless paired with her best friend.  She has been outright banned from the Harry Potter version.


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