Anissa Kappayil

Math Teacher

Anissa Kappayil may have been born in Seattle, WA, but she feels like being in Texas for the last 16 years has given her license to call herself a Southerner at this point. She graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical and Energy Engineering from the University of North Texas and is still very much in love with the city of Denton, hipster as it may be. Her other loves include reading, rock-climbing, yoga, and training for triathlons. On a less productive note, she also adores anime (Psycho Pass and Fate/zero, to name a few) and really dramatic TV (House of Cards, Game of Thrones, And Then There Were None, and the list goes on). She has two and a half years of one-on-one math and science tutoring from her time at UNT, and she hopes to go on to pursue a dual master’s degree in Engineering and Public Policy.

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