Quinn Taylor

Science Teacher

Quinn is a science and math teacher/mentor at Fusion. She is passionate about nature and loves learning and teaching science as a way to better understand the way the world works. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Environmental Science from the University of San Diego. Quinn has experience working with children, teens, and young adults through teaching swim lessons, leading science enrichment programs, and mentoring freshmen college students. She has worked on ecological research projects and submitted a soil ecology paper for publication. She is particularly interested in soil ecology and all you can learn about an ecosystem just from the dirt! When she’s not geeking out about science, Quinn loves eating ice cream and tries as many new ice cream shops as possible. She was a competitive swimmer for 15 years and a coxswain on the rowing time in college. She still enjoys working out and watching sports, especially swimming and rowing. She also loves chemistry jokes, but unfortunately all the good ones argon!


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