Shauna Gowen


A native Texan, Shauna grew up in Red Raider country (Lubbock) with eight other loud, messy siblings. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communications at Brigham Young University and spent a few years toiling as an overnight news producer before running away to Los Angeles to get married. She and her husband returned to Texas seven years later with two kids in tow, both wanting to work in education and leave the entertainment world behind.
Shauna worked in numerous industries before committing full-time to teaching. She’s taught in charter and public schools and tutored privately. Her philosophy is that that goals are always achievable with dedication and hard work, no matter how much or how little natural talent someone has. She loves superheroes, stand up comedy and Oreo’s, but is never going to like guacamole or Downtown Abbey no matter how much someone tries to convince her.

Shauna LOVES to teach:
English, academic writing, language arts or journalism. She specializes in test prep, and can also teach world history, US history or government.

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