Sammantha Swanson


Sammantha Swanson is primarily an English teacher here at Fusion, who also teaches Psychology, Life Skills, and Language Arts. After attending and exploring two colleges her freshman and sophomore year, Samm finally found her fit at Purdue University where she graduated and earned her B.A. in English and English Education. While there, she stayed active in clubs surrounding youth, and joined the Freshman Orientation Team so that she could better prepare herself to be a teacher. While volunteering during her undergraduate career, and student teaching in the Chicago Public Schools, Samm grew to love the populations she was working with. After graduation, she taught in Michigan, on the South Side of Chicago, and now at Fusion.

Samm loves to travel (and has been all over the world), enjoys vintage flea markets, celebrates watching the Packers beat the Bears, encourages getting out of her comfort zone to experience new things, and lives for her three younger siblings. While she thrives in the English field, Samm is not an enthusiast of math; her favorite t-shirt says, “4 out of 3 people struggle with math” 🙂

Fun Fact: Samm’s mother famously named her after the character Samantha from the TV show ‘Bewitched’, with an extra ‘m’ to throw people off.

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