Sally Amaye


Sally Amaye moved around quite a bit as a child. But, when she moved to San Marcos, TX at 15 years old, she immediately fell in love with it and started calling it her hometown. For college, she attended Texas Lutheran University (TLU), where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology. She is currently working on acquiring a Master’s in Sustainability Studies from Texas State University.

As an undergraduate and graduate student, Sally was a tutor, a teaching assistant, a supplemental instructor, and an instructional assistant for various natural science courses. Through these experiences, she realized that education is key to solving the biggest environmental and social problems that we face in the world. Through mentoring and teaching at Fusion, she hopes to instill in children a love for nature, humanity, science, and problem-solving.

Sally’s love for nature knows no bounds. She is her happiest self when she is hiking. She also loves spending time with her friends and family. On any given weekend, you’re likely to find her acting goofy and cracking jokes to make her loved ones laugh. And maybe one day, you will find her brave enough to make strangers laugh at an open mic comedy jam!

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