Sabrina Norman


Dr. Sabrina Norman is a Native Houstonian who has received her formal education (Bachelor of Science-Biology; Masters of Education- Counseling and Guidance; and Doctorate in Educational Leadership) from Texas Universities Prairie View A&M and Sam Houston State University respectively. A tenured educator in the public school setting Sabrina has expertise working with educators and students of diverse backgrounds both stateside and internationally developing a Student Leadership Academy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Sabrina firmly believes that all students can succeed academically if given the combustible combination of student interactions and motivated teachers who can create an atmosphere of true learning with a platform of free flowing ideas, opinions and questions which propels the learner to self-discovery instead of leading them to a pre-conceived conclusion.

Dr. Norman LOVES to teach:

• Anatomy &Physiology
• Astronomy
• Biology
• Botany
• Earth Science
• Ecology
• Environmental Science
• Life Science
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Life Skills
• SAT Prep ( Reading and Writing)
• Mock Administration of SAT and Act Testing
• College Admission Assistance
• World History
• Geography
• U.S. History
• Government
• Economics

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