Ryan Cassell


Ryan is joining the Fusion team as the new music and art teacher. He earned his bachelors degree in 2006 from Eastern Illinois University, where he studied communications and public relations. During those years he also focused on his passion for music and recording. By the time he graduated, Ryan was playing in multiple bands and spending every spare moment in the recording studio working on a wide variety of music. This ultimately lead him to a job at Chicago Recording Company where he worked as an audio engineer on music, movies and commercials.

When Ryan isn’t in the studio or playing music, you can find him running the streets of Chicago, literally. He has ran 3 full marathons and countless other races around the country with the ultimate goal of completing all 6 world marathons. He is also a mixed media artist that has found Abraham Lincoln to be his favorite muse. Both are from Springfield Illinois and will undoubtedly go down in history.

Fun fact – Ryan once got two coco puffs stuck up his nose trying to be funny. It was very funny.

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