Rhea Sanchez


Rhea earned her Doctoral degree from Pepperdine University in the field of Organizational Leadership. She continues to share her doctoral research, “A Culture of Excellence- Best Practice of High Achieving Public Schools in California,” as a presenter at national educational conferences. Rhea’s specialization in organizational leaderships empowers her to prepare students for the 21st century workforce.

Happy to work with younger students again, Rhea is also a Humanities Professor at Mt Sierra College and at the University of Phoenix. As a professor, she shares her love of Literature with her students. Her own journey to master English as a second language enables her to empathize with students’ struggle to improve their written and verbal communication skills.

Rhea also holds a graduate degree in English Literature from California State University of Long Beach as well as a bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing with a minor in pre-law from University of Redlands. She returned to her passion for writing as an independent author.

Rhea has earned a clear administrative credential. She also has a multiple subject clear credential with a BCLAD certificate. Her career started in public charter schools as an independent study instructor. After working for fourteen years serving at-risk middle school and high school students as an Assistant Principal, Rhea was promoted to the position of Master Teacher.

When she is not learning from students, Rhea loves to read as well as watch movies and television shows; although, she should really be going to her yoga class, jogging, or hiking for her physical well-being.

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