Reshma Jacob

Science / Chemistry

RJ is a Science and Math Teacher at Fusion Academy of Englewood. She was born in India but came here when she was six months old and was raised in Jersey for the majority of her life. She graduated with a BS in Chemistry from The College of New Jersey and is working on her MS in Biology and Chemistry from William Paterson University where she also teaches chemistry as an adjunct professor.

She has a huge passion for teaching science and completely understands how difficult and intimidating science can be for a lot of people. Her goal is always to break it down into easy to digest morsels and also make science fun! The shortest distance between two people is through laughter and in her classes there is always laughter and learning. In her free time RJ is big time traveler. She tries to be in a different country every New Year’s Eve into the New Year. RJ is also into hot yoga and running and wants to complete a marathon one day.

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