Randall Klein

Director of Admissions and Outreach

Randall received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Studies and graduated with honors from the University of Michigan.  She later received her Masters in Special Education, certification grades 6-12 from Hunter College.  

  Before Fusion, Randall taught High School and Middle School students in a variety of subjects.  She then started her journey at Fusion as the Assistant Director.   She enjoyed working one on one with teachers to help them access curriculum and plan to meet the needs of all students with different types of learning styles and needs.  She continues to support colleagues to understand how to read IEP’s and neuro-evaluations to differentiate materials, modify instruction and develop targeted assessments to ensure students are given multiple opportunities to learn and express their knowledge of content and concepts. Randall is also certified to lead Restorative Circles to help support students social and emotional growth and support their interactions with peers.

 Currently, as Director of Admissions and Outreach, Randall works closely with families and students in the initial part of the admissions process, helping to determine the right fit program, as well as connecting with and collaborating with the wonderful professionals and resources in the surrounding community.

 In her free time, Randall loves to be with her family and friends that she is very close with!  When she is not overindulging at brunch or dinner plans, she can be found at the gym or running in the park! 

 Randall doesn’t like to let too many people in on her comedic roots, but she used to perform stand-up comedy and still enjoys providing comedic relief to her friends, family, colleagues and students if need be!


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