Quentin Manuel


Quentin Manuel was born in Bakersfield, CA, but moved to New Orleans at a young age and claims Louisiana as home. Quentin graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of General Studies (his parents were thrilled). His areas of concentration were Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, and History – as close to classic liberal arts education as he could get at a state school. He taught Middle School Math and Social Studies in inner-city New Orleans for a year before heading to graduate school at Asbury Theological Seminary outside of Lexington, KY. He spent 5 years pursuing a Masters in Biblical Studies and a Masters in Theological studies, and has taught and tutored Hebrew and tutored Greek for several years.
Quentin is married to his wife Michelle, and they have a 6-month-old son named Abraham. He enjoys traveling, watching good movies, tinkering with his Raspberry Pi, and cooking.

He enjoys teaching:
Math (Middle School and High School)
Ancient Civilizations
American Government
U.S. History
World History
Test Prep
Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Greek

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