Phree Swearingen

Homework Cafe Teacher/Mentor

Phree Swearingen earned a BA in Anthropology, with a focus in Cultural Anthropology from The University of Florida in 2008. He then moved to New York where attended the New York Film Academy to pursue a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking. Phree moved to Los Angeles to finish up his MFA and graduated in 2012. He has worked in the film industry for the last five years and has accumulated numerous awards for his films (10 awards in 2013). Prior to his recent return to New York to teach History and Filmmaking at Fusion Academy, he recently spent a year in Portland, Oregon, writing screenplays for his next projects. Outside of filmmaking, Phree is an avid animal lover, a vegan chef, and a big time sports fan. (Go Gators!)

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