Pete Egan


Pete Egan is a pianist, writer, teacher, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, with varying degrees of professionalism attached to each title. He was born in Binghamton, NY (it’s upstate) and his parents signed him up to take piano lessons when he was 8, mostly because they thought he’d be better at music than sports. (They were right). He went on to study music and sound recording technology at SUNY Fredonia (still upstate New York, but more to the west) along with a concentration in jazz studies. A ‘concentration’ was essentially a ‘minor’ with the distinction of having people think that you “concentrated” more on it.

After graduation, Pete made the trek to the west coast. It was an experiment in discovery and self-reliance and he’s been here ever since. Throughout the years spent in the Bay Area, both performing and teaching have been constants in his life. Instruments and subjects of interest include piano, guitar, drums and percussion, arranging, written and aural theory, sound recording, and improvisation.

When Pete is not teaching, he is probably still either writing or performing for one of his own musical projects. He also tries to make time for hiking, camping and sailing (weather permitting).

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