Paula Mayfield

Yoga Teacher/Mentor

Paula brings her 15 years of passion for teaching yoga to Fusion Academy in Lake Forest, IL.  She has witnessed yoga’s benefits including coping skills, calming of the mind and body, reduced anxiety, and increased self esteem in both her adolescent and adult yoga students.  Paula has taught yoga in clinical settings at The Center for Living in St John’s Hospital and Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center both in Springfield, IL.  Paula’s training is research based.  Paula has been certified by Integrative Yoga Therapy, with additional training at Harvard’s Medical School’s Mind/Body Institute and Duke University’s Integrative Medical Center.

Paula has taught Psychology, Parenting/Child Development and Early Childhood Education in public high school for 12 years.  She also enjoyed working as a Professional Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for 14 years calling on primary care providers.  Paula has a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in counseling.

In her spare time, Paula enjoys her family, quilting, and teaching fitness classes.

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