Paul Kagianaris

Math Teacher/ Mentor

Paul is a passionate math instructor at Fusion Academy South Bay.  He grew up in New York City where he attended Stuyvesant H.S., a math – science specialty school.  From there he studied Economics at Boston University, French Language at Sorbonne, and received his B.A. in Eastern Religions, and M.A. in Math Education.  His love of travel and learning new languages has led him on many adventures around the globe, but his favorite summer destination is his home country of Greece.

Paul’s other passions include playing music, and practicing Yoga and Taichi.  He was a yoga and Tai Chi instructor in New York City for several years, where he had the opportunity to share his passion and help many people.  But after tutoring a friend in math awakened his passion for mathematics, he switched careers and has been a math teacher ever since, teaching in New York City high schools for several years before moving to Los Angeles a few years ago.  Paul takes pride in making math fun and easy to understand.

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