Paul Griffith

History/ English/ Life Skills Teacher/ Mentor

Paul stepped into the classroom for the first time ten years ago as a new, wide-eyed, bushy-tailed teacher ready to tackle the many challenges faced in American education. He was hungry for deep, systemic change, and knew that it would take young revolutionaries like himself to make that happen.
Now as a veteran teacher, that same passion and purpose still runs deep within his oasis. Paul won teacher of the year for the 2016-17 school year at one of the largest charter school networks in America. He also served as the chair of the first and only African American studies department in a public high school in Washington, D.C.
Paul’s love for history and culture has allowed him to teach both domestically and abroad in South Korea as an English instructor. These opportunities have led him on backpacking excursions to over 30 countries on four different continents.
When Paul is not in the classroom or trekking across the globe, you can catch him whipping up a new batch of vegan skin products. Paul is currently the Founder and CEO of an all natural, plant-based, skin care company. He also enjoys laughing uncontrollably with friends, or dancing like everyone is watching with his West African dance company.




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