Paul Goerner

English, History, Music & Art Teacher/Mentor

I’m a recent Chicago arrival quickly learning to love, in that special way, the many peculiarities of the Northern Midwest! Previously defined generally as a more tropically inclined personage, I was born in Southern California in the mid 1980s, soon to relocate to the far Southeast Coast for nearly twenty years of sweet tea, swamp weather, and suburban southern hospitality. Notwithstanding the appeal of symmetry and eager to live up to the standards of my Scandinavian forebears, I tallied-ho for the Windy City and now find myself unequivocally spellbound by every minute of history, culture, hustle, bustle, and seasonally-induced mutual suffering Chicago has to offer!

In regard to my education, I first spent a short time at the Savannah College of Art and Design working quite dedicatedly to my own ends rather than to those of my teachers, and of understandable course found myself quickly and quite much more agreeably immersed in the English and Literature program at Savannah, Georgia’s historic Armstrong State University. Deeply inspired by the traditional academic environment and a handful of great teachers to undertake my own goals for a well-rounded classical education, I left Armstrong with a strong desire to approach a career in education and scholarship. Further time spent employed at an arts-based education nonprofit in Charleston, South Carolina only cemented my love for working with students to enhance our mutual understanding of the world and to take full advantage of the wealth of experience that history, art, and philosophy have to offer in helping us to become the best humans we can be.

Specifically, my scholarship focuses on a modern theoretical exploration of the culture surrounding genre literature and ‘alternative’ media, particularly horror and science fiction, as well as on a historic exploration of Western religious, philosophical, and esoteric culture from the Postmodern Era to the Classical. You can always be sure to find me planning and teaching plenty of fun classes in these categories!

When not reading about history or catching up on unusual modern fiction, I continue to express my love of visual art through film photography and various printmaking projects, and these efforts also go to serve my work as a musician, which I’ve enjoyed as a semi-professional pursuit for nearly twenty years. Not surprisingly, then, creativity remains an essential part of my teaching practice, as the world of art always provides something interesting, engaging, and enlightening when related to concepts in any discipline. I can’t wait to get down to work helping the amazing students of Fusion Academy to learn to tell their own stories, and to put their talents together to make the most out of our fascinating world.

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