Paul Anderson


Paul, a Katy native, graduated from Emory University with Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Political Science. After brief jaunts to Wisconsin and New England, the lack of decent chile con queso finally brought him back to his home state. A family history in education coupled with a persistent love for all things Humanities brought Paul to Fusion, and he could not be happier.

With nearly 10 years of experience in theatre and comedic improvisation, Paul loves bringing fun and excitement to the classroom. His other passion is volunteering for animal shelters, having volunteered hundreds of hours to help puppies find their forever homes.

Paul’s hobbies include being a movie snob, eating copious amounts of seafood, editing grammar for fun, and playing with his toy Pomeranians. Paul can be found spending his free time coming up with witty retorts to arguments that happened years ago and bickering over semantics.

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