Paola Allendez


Paola teaches Spanish at Fusion. In 2001, she arrived in the United States after fleeing the biggest economic crisis that her home country, Argentina, had ever experienced. In 2006 she started taking her first English classes at Mesa College. In 2006 Paola transferred to SDSU and graduated in 2012. The fact that she graduated with Honors allowed her to start a Masters program at the same institution.

Paola also taught Spanish 101 and 102 for two years at SDSU. In 2014 she started working at Fusion Academy. Paola likes to act as an “Ambassador of the Spanish Language” because she believes her mission is also to prepare her students to overcome cultural barriers. Paola works very hard to make her classes enjoyable.

As a teacher she believes that her mission is crucial to society because she educates new generations to become better citizens. Paola loves to spend time with her family and her favorite hobby is taking pictures.

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