Pamela Dye


Pam teaches English, Reading and French at Fusion Academy Evanston. Pam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with concentrations in English and French from The University of Vermont. She also attended the Université de Nice in France where she studied French Philosophy, Literature and Civilization. Most recently, she taught French levels 1 through 5 and Sophomore English + Reading at Highland Park High School in Highland Park, Illinois. For over 20 years, Pam has privately tutored children and adults in French. Prior to moving to the Chicago area from Vermont, Pam worked in executive education for The International Forum developing seminars around the world for top executives of global companies.

In her free time, Pam enjoys traveling to new places and spectating at her children’s ice hockey, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse games. An ice hockey player herself, she participates in two local women’s hockey organizations when she can. Pam loves to hike and one of her favorite places to do this is in the Fjords along the Saguenay River of northern Quebec. She spends time there with her husband and three teenagers, mingling with the local French Canadians. In winter, they dog-sled, snowshoe, and snowmobile; in summer, they hike, swim in small lakes and shell on the beach, hoping to catch glimpses of Minke or Beluga whales, and seals.

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