Olivia Chapman

Assistant Director - Middle School

Liv grew up in rainy Yorkshire, England, where her love for art led her to a PhD in Art History specializing in gothic American art. After teaching undergraduate classes at York University, Liv realized she enjoyed teaching and mentoring more than research (plus, no one was really interested in 19th century American art) and when she moved to L.A. to get married she became a gallery educator before joining Fusion L.A; then Fusion Warner Center.

After a couple of years Liv joined Fusion Los Gatos in the role of Master Teacher and, later, Assistant Director. Here, Liv helped to support staff, students, and parents and maintain high academic standards. Liv returned to L.A. to reunite with her hubby, and was thrilled to be able to rejoin Warner Center as English Department Head. Liv looks forward to continuing to serve the Warner Center community in the role of Middle School AD.

Hobbies: Aside from teaching, Liv loves to write, read, do yoga, browse second-hand bookshops, and play the ukulele.

Favorite Quote:

“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.”- Anais Nin

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