Olivia Bidaurreta

Director of Student Development

As Fusion Marin’s Director of Student Development, Olivia’s primary responsibility is to support students and their families in finding classes, teachers, and a customized schedule to create the ultimate, personalized experience in education. In addition, Olivia acts as the academic advisor to make sure Fusion students are on track to graduate…but talk to her about the fun, extra classes you wanna take too!

Before joining Fusion Marin, Olivia was living abroad in the Basque Country—a small, semi-autonomous region in northeastern Spain/southwestern France—where she taught English, spoke Basque, and ate delicious food! Before that Olivia worked mainly in non-profit, spending most of her work life with Boys & Girls Clubs, where she discovered a passion for community building and empowering people of all ages to be the best versions of themselves.

Olivia has a BA in Psychology from Dominican University of California. Upon graduating with her BA and having no clue what to do, she spent a year studying Spanish and Basque in Donostia (San Sebastian). This ignited a passion for languages and travel that had lain dormant since her high school years. Upon coming back from that year abroad, Olivia made a promise to herself that she would get back to Europe one day. A few years later, Olivia again left her life in the US and spent a year in a Basque immersion school in a small mountain town in the Basque Country—a year that would inspire her to move her life to the Basque Country to teach. Now back in the Bay Area, Olivia is stoked to be a member of the Fusion Marin family!

Right now, Olivia is training to complete a 5K, 10K, and a half-marathon, is a huge fan of Zumba, and enjoys Boot Camp & Kick Boxing classes. Aside from languages and being active, Olivia loves to bake, go hiking, longboard, read, travel, and have adventures of all kinds!

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