Nicole Coyne

Director of First Impressions

Nicole graduated from Rowan University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management and Business Writing. Before Fusion, Nicole worked at New Egypt Day Care for several years both as a counselor and mentor for children between the ages of five and sixteen. It is here she learned and developed her passion in supporting others.

Nicole is an energetic, compassionate person who sees potential in everyone! She is passionate about working with others and strives to make a difference in each individual life while offering assistance to those on the quest to reach their fullest potential. Nicole’s creative and innovative mindset has led her to much success activating the imagination in others. She loves to set goals, and because she is a determined individual, she is often willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her objectives.

Nicole recently finished writing her first science fiction novel, and is working on her writing portfolio to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education and Creative Writing. Her interests include traveling, exercising, scrapbooking and spending time with friends and family. Fun Fact: Nicole loves to backpack through other countries and is aiming to hit 80 countries in her lifetime! (So far, she’s reached 22)

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