Nicole Albert

Director of Student Development

Nicole Albert is the Director of Student Development (DSD).  As Los Angeles’ DSD, Nicole tracks each student’s progress through Middle and High Schools.  She makes sure that all requirements are met to graduate and also works closely with our Post-Secondary counselor, Rebecca Rehfeld, making recommendations per each student’s post-Fusion goals.  As the main person tracking each student’s path to graduating, Nicole is in constant communication with families and teachers regarding schedules as well.

Nicole is originally from Arcata, a small town in Northern California.  Growing up she spent much of her time outdoors, hiking, backpacking, and cross country running.  Nicole started working with children in High School, where she volunteered as a TA in a High School and Elementary School Special Education classrooms as well as being a volunteer coach for the local Special Olympics chapter.  After high school Nicole worked as a nanny for high profile families in the San Jose and Los Angeles areas. After Nannying professionally for 6 years, Nicole returned to school and in 2010 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University, Northridge.  After college Nicole taught pre-school and elementary age students at Bayview Elementary school in Santa Cruz, California.  One year later, in September of 2011 Nicole returned to Los Angeles and joined Fusion as the Homework Cafe Director at Fusion Academy South Bay.  After 3 years in this position Nicole was taken on as a Director of Student Development at Fusion Pasadena, and in June 2014, she finally joined the LA team.  Nicole’s love for puzzles and passion for educating kids drives her each day in her role as the Director of Student Development.  And if you catch her on a good day with a few minutes to spare, she can tell you the story of how she was born in a Volkswagen van, or teach you how to spin your arms in the opposite directions at the same time.


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