Nick Whittington

Music Teacher & Mentor

Nick is a Houston native and veteran of the local music scene with 12 years of professional experience. A Jazz Studies and Composition Major, he has been taught by some of the best music educators in the world at the University of North Texas. Nick has been educating students for 12 years as well, covering the spectrum from rock and metal to country, indie, alternative, blues, jazz, classical and more. Along with countless original projects and cover bands, he has also performed with the likes of Hector Sotelo, Greg & Janna Long, Sarah Kelly, Josh & Cora Dunham, Tim Lyle, Jimmy Needham, Phil Wickam, Marcos Witt and many more.

In addition, Nick also performs live as DJ Ne-Ko and has mixed for numerous local venues around Houston. When not on stage, he is a music producer and audio engineer, with hundreds of demos, EPs, albums, and other projects under his belt.

Along with Guitar, Nick also teaches Bass, Mandolin, Piano, Ukulele, Drums, Percussion, Voice, Recording, Music Theory, Music Production, Electronic Music and DJing.

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