Nick Schneider

Teacher / Mentor

Nick Schneider is an English/History teacher excited to join the Walnut Creek Fusion team. Born and raised in northern California, Nick moved down to Los Angeles for a year after earning his bachelor’s in English from UC Davis. Smack in the middle of Hollywood, he interned at a music magazine and worked for a non-profit dedicated to assisting low-income, socially disadvantaged musicians based in the greater Los Angeles region. Since returning to the Bay Area he has pursued a career in education, taking on roles such as substitute teacher, SAT test prep instructor, tutor, and, most recently, composition teacher at Diablo Valley College. Somehow he found time to obtain a Masters in English from CSU East Bay and, after many nights of lost sleep and over-caffeinated mornings, achieved high honors on the university’s final exams (his specialties are Renaissance and 20th century American literature). When he’s not teaching or thinking about teaching, Nick can usually be spotted at music venues in San Francisco, either playing them with one of his numerous projects or simply catching some local band his friends told him to check out.

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