Nick Nutu

PE Teacher/Mentor

Nick grew up in the land of blue hills known as Massachusetts. Growing up Nick played almost every sport and instrument (excelling in lacrosse, soccer, and guitar). He has camped and backpacked all over the Appalachians, Sierras, and the jungles of Central & South America. From foraging mushrooms with gypsies in Romania, working on organic farms, and kayaking the Amazon rivers with NOLS (nature outdoor leadership school), Nick has seen acquired many skills. Some of his favorites include archery and creating fire by friction!  Over the past couple years Nick has taught nature home schools, rights of passage, and chess for the Berkeley Chess School. His aunt founded Fast Forward Magazine which students write and where Nick found a calling working with youth.  


It was at the University of Arizona where he fell in love with Native American ways. From tending the land to riding horses, he has been on a journey to study with many different elders, participating in sweat lodges, vision quests, and traditional ceremonies all over.  His dream is to help humans connect to the wild world consciously and spiritually. He believes physical health and education is the key to long life and happiness and is honored to be here at Fusion! Nick is Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified. In his spare time you can find Nick playing exotic instruments, walking his dog, out foraging, or leading plant walks. 


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