Nick Henning

Math/ Economics Teacher/ Mentor

Nick is a 2016 Fusion recruit with a long history of teaching and tutoring. In Connecticut, he taught SAT prep courses with Revolution Prep. In Boston, he was a teacher assistant for college level economics and statistics at Tufts University. In Washington D.C., Nick taught middle school math at KIPP Aim Academy.

Nick graduated from Tufts University with a Masters in Economics and a Bachelors in Psychology in 2010. He then moved to D.C. to work for the Federal Reserve Board as a data analyst. He took his skills to Friendship Public Charter schools through the Education Pioneers analyst fellowship. While at Friendship he worked on the data management team and developed systems for easy implementation and presentation of data. Missing the experience of teaching and tutoring, Nick switched to a teaching residency program to work with middle school children.

In his free time, Nick is an avid board game player. He enjoys the hobby so much that he has been working on designing several of his own games with the aim of being published soon. Nick also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and exploring.

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