Nathan Eldred Banks


Art making is a process of discovery. Every person has their own unique way of expressing and experiencing this process. Nathan Eldred Banks has dedicated himself to the pursuit of creating spaces where this action verb of art is set in motion. He is a certified Art Educator with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Art Education from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from The College of Art+Design, a conservatory program at Purchase College SUNY in Purchase, NY. While attending college, Nathan’s multi-dimensional approach to art making was cultivated through an artistic practice that explored art through a multitude of disciplines. His undergraduate thesis project, Cow Poetry, was recognized both here and abroad and featured on CNN. In the years between his educational pursuits, Nathan was a product licensing coordinator at both Sesame Street and Nickelodeon Consumer products in New York City. He then started his own custom sculpture business, IllumiNate Sculpture Co., where he received several awards for excellence in sculpture and exhibited extensively in New York and Pennsylvania. It was while sitting on the bench as a locally elected magistrate in his hometown of Franklin, NY that Nathan realized his desire to teach. Nearing the end of his Master’s Degree program, he and his wife moved to South Florida where he soon began teaching at a Broward County charter school. During his three-year tenure, he developed a program that emphasized art making in all of its forms from papermaking, printmaking, construction, photography and weaving, to sculpture, performance, painting, and play. After teaching Art and Music at a public school in Fort Lauderdale for the past three years, Nathan is thrilled to become the artistic guru at Fusion Academy Boca Raton.

In addition to teaching, Nathan plays the color red on a ukulele in his brother-in-law’s band UsVs. He paints and draws for pleasure as well as completing commissioned portraits. Nathan’s love of reading is unceasing. Finding time to soak up the sun with his wife and daughter is a huge priority, and as a family they enjoy bowling, singing, laughing, playing instruments, making art, reading books, swimming, flying kites, cooking, and eating.

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