Natalie Holstead


A letter from my former self reads: “Have you ever thought about teaching? I think you’d really like it.” At the time, I was a senior in high school whose heart knew exactly what I wanted to do, but whose mind lacked the confidence and trust in myself to dive into my pursuits. By the time that letter found its way back to me, I laughed because I realized that the space I had once feared failure in years before was what eventually became the community in which I was enabled to thrive.

I have worked as an undergraduate/graduate writing tutor, university level teaching assistant, primary school instructional assistant, and student teacher at literally every grade. I love that my passion is also my profession, one that gifts me daily encounters with people who are so distinct, so vibrant and raw. My experiences have shown me that those who are free to evolve and develop in uniquely individual ways, they bloom; when students are challenged to explore their ideas and identities or make connections on interpersonal and intellectual levels, they become empowered by their own growth. It is in these moments of authentic exchange that I am reminded not of my status as English, writing, art, or humanities teacher, but of my role as lifelong student of my students’ teachings. At Fusion, I see faculty who genuinely seek to uphold the integrity of a culture that cultivates compassion and grace, and in response, I see students who feel safe to experiment and flourish within it. I am excited to continue pursuing what my many selves have always wanted to do, and anticipate that my classes will be full of learning and fun!

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