Nancy Senatharang


Nancy moved to Austin in July of 2015. She graduated from California State University Sacramento with a BA in liberal studies with a minor in American Sign Language in 2013. Liberal studies enabled her to have many different experiences in classrooms educating youths of all kinds. Nancy had several semesters teaching in all different grade levels and in many diverse communities in Sacramento school districts. She also volunteered at different schools during college. In California, she was a full time student and worked for Applied Behavioral Consultants doing ABA for children on the spectrum of Autism and other special needs where they worked on life skills. She also worked at Primrose of Beecave as a preschool teacher. During her high school years, she tutored neighborhood kids and mentored middle school students as well. Nancy is familiar with the one-on-one teaching because she did it for five years doing ABA therapy. She believes in the one-on-one model and thinks it is a wonderful method to teach students.

Nancy has always loved teaching friends and family to sign. At the many places she’s worked, she’s found a way to incorporate an American Sign Language lesson. She loves to learn different languages. Nancy enjoys going to Deaf gatherings/events and signing with many different people. There are Deaf, hearing, and students that go to these events just to make friends or even learn about ASL. It is amazing to see that other people are intrigued as well and want to learn about the Deaf culture. The wonderful thing is everyone is welcome. All kinds of people. No discrimination. It’s a beautiful thing.

Nancy’s hobbies are leather work, boardgames, camping, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, dance, Dungeons and Dragons table top game and traveling.

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