Nancy Scarsafava

Yoga Teacher

Nancy began her yoga journey in 2010 looking for an exercise regime that included both a physical and a mental focus while giving her a peaceful heart. At that time balancing a family, a home and a teaching career of 24 years was leading to stress and high blood pressure. Joining a gym seemed a natural place to start. Fortunately the gym offered a yoga class and Nancy decided to give it a try! Her life changed from the moment she began to practice yoga thanks to her first teacher and mentor Jessica Diktas! Yoga offered Nancy the physical and mental practice she was looking for, but so much more! Nancy’s practice of yoga began to grow spiritually, as well as physically and mentally! In 2017, Nancy decided to retire from elementary school teaching, after 33 years, and focus on her YOGA! She completed her RYT 200 hours teacher training in March of 2018 from The Moksha Vinyasa School of Yoga under the direction of Erica Arce and Jay Karlinski. Nancy’s style of yoga is greatly influenced but her mentors.Her wish is to reach as many people as she can through her yoga teaching, offering her students the Peace, as well as physicality, she has found through her practice. Through her vinyasa style, she hopes to offer her students peaceful thoughts, peaceful words and peaceful actions! Namaste!



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