Molly Gunn


Molly is a teacher and mentor in English and Language Arts. She attended the University of North Texas, where she earned two Bachelor’s of Arts degrees, one in English literature and another in technical communication.

Throughout high school and college, Molly worked as a counselor and equestrian director at a summer camp in the Texas Hill Country, where she now works as the program director in the summer. She also worked at UNT’s Writing Lab as a tutor during college. After graduating summa cum laude from UNT, Molly used freelance editing to finance several travels, but she wanted to return to her roots in working closely with children. That’s why she’s at Fusion now!

Molly also recently returned to her roots in ballet. She teaches middle and high schoolers at Fusion in the day and then learns with high schoolers at ballet in the evening. Her favorite activity is reading with her cat, Artemis, in her lap.


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