Mimi Cobarruvia

Director of Student Development

Mirella Cobarruvia was born on the beautiful island of Oahu.  She grew up in San Diego and moved to the Imperial Valley. Here she became more fluent in Spanish and began dancing Mexican Folkloric Dance.  She was even in the state group in Mexicali, Baja California!  Mirella began her academic career at Imperial Valley College where she received an A.S. in chemistry.

During her two years at Imperial Valley College, she was an active member of the student government, and leadership committees.  She then transferred to UCLA where she completed her B.A. in cultural anthropology, and a minor in art history.  Mirella has worked with the UCLA School of Medicine to help underserved minorities in community college with their academic endeavors in the health professions.  Wanting to try something new, she went on to work with academically at risk elementary students from single family homes through an after school program provided by New Economics for Women. She was one of the very first Fusion Academy Pasadena team members, and moved to New York to become Park Avenue’s DFI and worked hard to become our newest DSD!

Mirella loves to bake and decorate cakes, and would love to open her very own bakery someday.  Mirella always has a positive attitude, and has the warmest smile.

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