Melanie Gill

Melanie Gill was hired to reach out to the local community and build a community around Fusion to better support our students. Prior to Fusion, she held a number of leadership roles in Silicon Valley and brings a strong business and marketing background to Fusion. Having worked in high-tech for over 20 years, Melanie also had the opportunity to manage global teams thus allowing her to understand unique overseas business practices. Over the past few years Melanie expanded beyond high-tech and helped implement the Mobile Kitchen designed to teach teens in group homes how to cook easy, inexpensive meals.

Melanie graduated with a BA from San Jose State University. She also lectures on the basics of marketing and emerging media. She has also advised the young entrepreneurs at SSE Labs (Stanford Student Enterprise) about the best marketing practices to launch their business or products.

Melanie enjoys everything British. She made sure to be in England during the week of Will and Kate’s royal wedding since such a grand moment may never happen again in her lifetime. She also loves watching documentaries, being outdoors, and discovering all the different ways to heal and care for our bodies naturally. Melanie lives in Silicon Valley with her British husband, 17 year old stepson, and a fluffy kitty she calls Smudge.

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