Meishing Chen

Foreign Languages

Meishing is a native of the beautiful island of Taiwan, and had also lived in sunny Singapore for more than 10 years.  Upon finishing her bachelor degree at Tamkang University in Taiwan, she moved abroad where she continued to pursue her passion for learning foreign languages and exploring methods of language acquisition.  Besides Mandarin and her native Taiwanese dialect, Meishing is proficient in Japanese and Vietnamese.  She also received certifications in teaching Mandarin and in Chinese-English bilingual translation.

In the U.S. Meishing has taught Chinese in various programs in Connecticut and Texas, both in formal classroom environments and individualized lesson plans.  Her expertise for Mandarin goes beyond teaching the language, Meishing also authored the modernization of several volumes of the popular textbook series MeizhouHuayu used by many Mandarin language programs across the country.  She has also published papers and given talks to other language instructors on her unique Chinese character recognition methodology.

Believing that foreign language acquisition should be fun and intuitive, and utilizing modern approaches rather than dogmas, Meishing loves to customize her approach to individual needs, and to collaborate with her students to figure out what works for them.  And since language is intimately intertwined with culture, Meishing enjoys introducing her students to the wonderful world of Chinese life, beliefs, and philosophy.  For her, to learn Mandarin is to open the door to an amazing new world….

On the personal front, Meishing is a mother to three young girls.  In her free time, she enjoys cooking, sewing, and making handicrafts.  A budding entrepreneur, Meishing also runs a thriving online business of selling American Girl doll clothing made by her. Meishing is also devoted herself to Chinese community as the curriculum director of Austin Chinese School.

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