Megan Bennett

Substitute Teacher/Mentor

Megan is a math and science teacher here at Fusion. She was an International Baccalaureate student in high school while also being a member of the professional theatre community, so she is familiar with the balance many Fusion students must strike between school and other endeavors. Megan planned to go to college for Biology, but was accepted into the highly competitive Musical Theatre Conservatory at University of Miami, so she changed her plans. While at UM, Megan began tutoring her classmates in Finite Math and Theatre History, and found that she loved it. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and moved to LA to pursue her acting and teaching careers. Since 2012, Megan has been a home school teacher and tutor through multiple schools, and she joined the Fusion team in 2016.  Megan loves bringing creativity to her math and science classes, and one of her life goals is to prove people wrong when they say, “Actors can’t do math!”. They can! Really well! When not teaching, Megan can be found singing, doing numerous arts and crafts, and performing with her improv troupe Tupperware Party.

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