Meagan Davenport, CST, CSC

English/History Teacher

I am an English and History teacher whose passions include a deep love for learning, a desire to help, cooking, and her family.  I am fortunate enough to be able to state that I get to do all of these on a regular basis.

I spent the majority of my younger life in Wyoming, and I claim it as my home state. If one lives in Wyoming one must come to terms with nature, you may not love it, but you must learn to live with it.  I embraced the cold, wind, and wild country side.  It was during my youth that I learned to ride horses, cross country ski, snow board, white-water raft, raise pigs, drive in snow and ice, and appreciate wide open spaces.  Wyoming was a fantastic place to grow up.  My family still lives there so I visit often.

Once I turned 18, it was time for me to explore more. I decided to move to Houston and attend college.  I went to The University of Houston and graduated with my degree in English and my Secondary Education Certification.  I began teaching in 2003 and have never looked back.  I met and married a native Texan and we have a 5 year old daughter.  I recently decided to go back to school to get my Masters in School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health.  I graduate in May!

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