Mary Beth Stuver


Mary Beth is Fusion’s Yoga Instructor. She teaches the students to do yoga in a way that is personalized to their needs.

MB has her BS in Nursing and Psychology from Carlow University. She is a Certified School Nurse, Counselor and Yoga Instructor.

MB worked as a Pediatric RN for 30 years. She started at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, where she worked in the NICU and Ambulatory Care Clinics.   She also worked as a School Nurse in Pittsburgh before relocating to Oregon with her family.   In Oregon, she was an advice nurse for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for 14 years.   In 2004, MB perused her yoga teacher training in Bali.  She has been teaching yoga to all ages ever since.

MB and her husband moved to CT July 2018.   Her grown daughters live on the East Coast.  Her claim to fame is   She partnered with a breeder to create puppy yoga.   She has two bulldogs that she adores!

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