Mariesue Murray

American Sign Language Teacher

Before finding her home at Fusion as an American Sign Language Teacher, Marysue was an interpreter for the Deaf for twelve years. She holds an A.A. in Interpreting from Ocean County College, a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina, and an M.A. in Teaching American Sign Language from the University of Northern Colorado. When she was twelve, her youngest brother was rendered blind and deaf from an unknown degenerative nerve disease, and it broke her heart that she could never communicate with him. So, she followed this path to honor his memory, and she loves her work.

A fun fact about Marysue is that before she became an interpreter, she was a full time musician. She worked in many bands, playing guitar and singing, and traveled all over the East coast. She recorded a CD in Nashville, but traded the possibility of fame for the security of a steady paycheck. She still plays in an acoustic duo in her free time and spends time with her husband and 4 dogs (3 Whippets and a Sheltie)!

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