Marc Brewer

Teacher / Mentor

Northern Arizona University, B.S. Mathematics
Northern Arizona University, B.S. Psychology

Growing up in Southern California, Marc was in for a change when he moved to the quiet mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona where he spent the last 4 years earning 2 degrees as well as minoring in Theater. He spent 2 years as a teaching assistant and has always had a knack for explaining things and being a good listener. In addition to tutoring experience, Marc is always searching for interesting and exciting ways to teach Math to students who have distaste for it. This is because his first passion lies in acting which he has been persuing for the last 4 years as well. When he’s not at auditions and teaching kids Math he’s outside exploring his adventurous side born out of his free time in Northern Arizona.

Hobbies: Hiking, Country Two-Stepping, Math Research, Acting, Snowboarding, Cooking, Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball

Favorite Quotes:

“I misread the situation” –Tim Riggions (Friday Night Lights)

“The words you stop yourself from saying, are the ones that haunt you the longest.” –Taylor Swift

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