Maliha Syed


Maliha was born and raised in the United Kingdom not too far from the birth place of The Beatles! Her father “encouraged” her to begin playing Indian Classical violin and she was very lucky to meet many great teachers from India. Maliha always dreamt about attending school in the US, and in 2000 her dream came true. She graduated from UC Berkeley after four amazing years with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. During that time she also worked as an undergraduate lab assistant, researching cell proteins. After a short break, she took some graduate classes at San Jose State and worked in a graduate lab focused on cancer research.

Maliha has continued to expand her knowledge by taking classes in science, technical writing, childhood education and computer programming. She loves to learn and is really passionate about helping children achieve their true potential. She makes it her mission to share the beauty and wonder of Math and Science with children, and the excitement of applying them to the real world.

In her spare time Maliha is an avid reader, many times she has stayed up all night to finish a particularly interesting book! She also loves to play tennis, do archery, and eat gourmet foods, especially those made from fresh ingredients grown in her garden.

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