Loni Friedmann


Hello! My name is Loni Friedmann and I’m ecstatic to be a member of the Fusion Family!

I am originally from Sparks, Nevada and I was born hearing. I became deaf at three months old and my mother didn’t know until later on. Once she found out I became profoundly deaf, she decided to move to Maryland to expose herself to the Deaf community and the culture. After learning what she was exposed to, we moved back to Nevada and she raised me with sign language as my primary communication.

I graduated from Elko High School with a goal of becoming a teacher. I wasn’t sure of what to do yet back then! I got my Associate of Arts Degree from a community college for Deaf Studies and transferred to California State University, Northridge for one of the best Deaf Studies program. I recently graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Education. Aside from that, I have been teaching sign language since I first learned it! I even taught my mom when I was three as she learned along with me! So naturally I taught people as I grew up which made me realize I wanted to become an American Sign Language Teacher with the hope to expose more awareness in the auditory world.

I enjoy hiking, making homemade crafts, and painting as hobbies. Right now I’m learning how to do “lettering” in calligraphy. Hard stuff!  I have one six years old cat who is one of the chilliest cat in the world and I have a small service dog too. She’s pretty cool herself!  Someday I will get a big husky! My lifelong goals is to travel out of America and learn all the different cultures out there and come back with a rich experience and give that to people to be inspired in the future.


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