Lisa Phan


Lisa has recently moved to the DC area, having spent the majority of her life on the West Coast. Born in central Vietnam, she immigrated with her family of seven to the United States at the age of three. As a high school student she came to love connecting the hard sciences with human stories, and pursued these connections at university, completing a BA in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology at the University of Washington, and later on, a Master of Philosophy in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. Her archaeological work and research has taken her all around the world, including Belize, South Africa, and Vietnam. Though she had begun a PhD program in archaeology in late 2015, her experiences teaching and tutoring, both abroad and at home over the last 7 years helped her to realize her passion for teaching secondary students, which she now is excited to continuing pursuing at Fusion, where she will be teaching middle school science, chemistry, math, and history.

When not working, Lisa loves to read, paint, craft, and is always setting aside funds for future travel.


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