Liam Vogel


Liam Vogel is a Spanish language instructor with 8 years experience teaching. He has lived in Guatemala, Argentina, and México and has spent time in a total of 15 different Latin American countries. Growing up around the language Liam began his formal studies of Spanish in 2008. He lived in Guatemala for a time and then moved abroad to Mexico to study at la Universidad Iberoamericana en Puebla, México.

After that he made his way down to Argentina where he lived and studied at la Universidad Cátolica de Buenos Aires. After all of that, he graduated from Seattle University with a major focus in Spanish Linguistics and a minor in Latin American Studies. Liam has a deep and thorough understanding of the colorful cultures of Latin America and puts a major emphasis on the culturural aspects as well as the language itself. He is our newest language teacher at Fusion academy and he is very much looking forward to working with our students and helping them on their path to fluency.

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